Welcome to Lavin’s Food Truck. Eat. And Be Happy.


A Local delicious WNY, Buffalo NY food truck serving the greater Erie County areas. Please give us a call if there are any questions or to discuss a personalized menu for your next event!

Call (718) 607-2829 or go here to send a message!

Why Lavin’s?

In the late 1800’s my family, The Cleary’s, ventured from Ireland to America and landed in Buffalo, NY.   Upon arrival, Patrick Cleary began building a name for himself as a professional boxer and underground speakeasy owner, showcasing booze and gambling.  As restrictions became more and more commonplace, Patrick needed an alias to stay off the radar.  He went by the name Paddy Lavin.

From there, my great grandpa and great uncle Roger and Willie Lavin carried on his legacy and kept the boxing/speakeasy lifestyle very much alive.  Roger was the manager of Willie’s boxing career and spearheaded Buffalo’s 1st Ward speakeasy scene. As you can imagine, business was booming during prohibition for the Cleary family.  However, it came with all of the challenges and obstacles one could imagine that industry might hold.

Nonetheless Willie Lavin finished his boxing career with 36 wins, 12 losses and 9 draws.  As for Paddy, after a few brushes with death, and surviving multiple attempted murders, he went on to complete his professional boxing career with an impressive 55 wins, 16 losses and 17 draws.  Paddy Lavin was inducted into the Buffalo Boxing Hall of Fame in 2012, where he will remain one of the pioneers of this city and of the sport.